Skill and Experience

welding at Carlisle Auto BodyAs large a role as technology now plays, it is still the skill and experience of the technicians, who apply this technology, that is key to restoring your vehicle. We employ only the most experienced craftspeople and equip them with the best available tools. All work is personally overseen by our owners, Bill and Dean Luther who bring a lifetime of "hands-on" industry experience to the process.


Hand Crafting—Its In the Details

Computerized systems help us match your paint color and more, but it is still the careful, experienced hand craftsmanship and attention to detail that determines the overall quality of your vehicle's repair. The ability to perfectly blend new paint with old such that the joining of the two is invisible to the eye. The ability to pre-visualize the desired outcome and expertly coordinate every step in the repair process to exactly achieve that outcome. These are among the abilities that separate our craftspeople from many others.


Quality and Satisfaction - An Earned Reputation

carefully sanding in preparation for the painting and finsihingWe enjoy a reputation, both among customers and peers for fine workmanship, consistently high quality and strong customer service. That's what keeps customers coming back through many generations of vehicles and drivers. It's what has allowed us to enjoy more than 36 years of consistent growth. If you're not already a client, we hope you'll give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Marguerite Widell

five star customer review

I have been going here for over 25 years. The service is great and the work is superior. Would not go any other place.


Jake Wachtmann

five star customer review

The service was excellent, the people were friendly and they handled my car perfectly. I recommend Carlisle Auto to anyone who needs an outstanding repair job.


John DeBruzzi

five star customer review

We have exclusively used Carlisle Auto Body for over 20yrs! Work is EXCELLENT! Dean and Bill are always specific as to what they will do and then they DO IT!

Facility is clean, bright, modern- and finished product shows it too. My latest work for them was done early too! And for less than they quoted! How many times does that happen? I hope to NEVER need body work again, but if I do Carlisle Auto Body gets the job!




Need General Auto Care?

Our sister company, Carlisle Automotive Repair, provides the same level of expert service and care for your vehicle’s general maintenance and repair needs.