Auto Body Repair Responsibilities


Who is responsible for reimbursement for the damage to your vehicle if you are not at fault?

If another person caused the damage, that individual and his/her insurer are required to reimburse you in full to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. This includes incidental expenses such as towing, storage and rental, etc. that you might incur due to the loss of use of your vehicle.


Your repair shop is responsible for all repairs made.

Who is responsible?Every collision repair shop registered as a Motor Vehicle Repair Shop with the Massachusetts Division of Standards is required to be bonded and is responsible for safe and proper repairs. Registered shops must have a valid registration number displayed. It is important that you select a registered collision repair facility that is properly trained and equipped to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You are not protected, not even by your insurance company, if you choose an unregistered repair shop to work on your vehicle.


Who Pays Whom?

Your insurer is responsible to pay you for the cost of repairs, less any deductible or depreciation of certain parts. Your insurer pays you directly and you pay your registered collision repair facility. For our customer's convenience, Carlisle Auto Body also accepts payment via VISA and Mastercard.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Marguerite Widell

five star customer review

I have been going here for over 25 years. The service is great and the work is superior. Would not go any other place.


Jake Wachtmann

five star customer review

The service was excellent, the people were friendly and they handled my car perfectly. I recommend Carlisle Auto to anyone who needs an outstanding repair job.


John DeBruzzi

five star customer review

We have exclusively used Carlisle Auto Body for over 20yrs! Work is EXCELLENT! Dean and Bill are always specific as to what they will do and then they DO IT!

Facility is clean, bright, modern- and finished product shows it too. My latest work for them was done early too! And for less than they quoted! How many times does that happen? I hope to NEVER need body work again, but if I do Carlisle Auto Body gets the job!




Need General Auto Care?

Our sister company, Carlisle Automotive Repair, provides the same level of expert service and care for your vehicle’s general maintenance and repair needs.